Honey Garlic Wings for the perfect movies night!

A bucket of freshly cooked crispy honey chilli garlic chicken wings will make a boring movie night into one of the best movie nights with friends and family. And what’s even better! The dish is uber easy to make!


• Sikkim Farm’s fresh Chicken Wings (1 kg)
• Corn flour
• Sesame seeds
• Lemon juice
• Garlic
• Honey
• Soy sauce
• Vinegar
• Spring onions
• salt


• Marinate chicken wings in lemon juice, garlic paste, salt and a short drizzle of refined oil. Let that sit for 3-4 hours so the lemon juice makes your chicken even more tender and juicy.
• Sprinkle a generous amount of sesame seeds on the marinated chicken and mix well so that the seeds stick to the chicken.
• In a bowl pour out the corn flour. Now dip every piece of chicken wings in the corn flour so that the flour coats the wings thickly. This is necessary to make the chicken crispy.
• We will now fry the entire batch of wings twice (a secret to really crispy chicken wings)
• In a large frying pan pour out some oil and let it heat up. Keep the flame medium high during the first fry.
• Fry the chicken wings for about 5-6 minutes for each wing. And let the bark of the wings turn beige in colour.
• Now remove the wings from the pan and let that sit for a bit before you fry it a second time.
• Now turn the flame into a medium low and fry the entire batch of chicken wings for around 10 minutes before you remove them. This ensures thoroughly cooked meat as well as a harder bark that will make your chicken really crispy.
• Now to prepare for the sauce that is going to coat the wings, we will first chop at least 10 pods of garlic to make the sauce uber garlicky.
• Now take a pan and heat 5 teaspoons of refined oil so that it is thoroughly heated.
• Add some sesame seeds to the oil so that it fried to a brownish hue. Now add a bit of garlic paste and the chopped garlic so that they turn yellowish. Be sure not to over fry them. Now add the onions and let it sweat.
• Now add a short teaspoon of vinegar and soy sauce to the pan and let that cook for a bit.
• Afterwards add a cup of water and let it come to a boil.
• Add half a teaspoon of corn flour to the boiling water and mix well. See that there are no lumps in the mixture.
• When the sauce thickens, add a little salt as per your taste and let the sauce cool down for a bit.
• Now add the fried chicken wings to the sauce and add a drizzle of honey to the entire thing. Shuffle the wings in the sauce so that the sauce covers all the chicken wings.
• Later chop the leaves of the spring onions and garnish the wings.

Voila! Your bucket of yummy honey garlic chicken wings is ready to be enjoyed!

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