What Exactly Is Sikkim Farms?

What Exactly Is Sikkim Farms? Sikkim Farms is a brand new venture which was initially founded by Mr. Taraman Chettri and today revived by his son Mr. Rewaj Chettri (also known as the serial entrepreneur of Sikkim). This venture aims to uplift the farmers (poultry farmers) of Sikkim by handing them the hard-earned credits for their works, eliminating middlemen who claim all the profits to themselves and directly transferring profits and income to their personal accounts.
People of Sikkim can order fresh meat online! And get hygienic meat delivered to them straight from the farms to their tables. This is a very basic understanding of what the venture is all about. But the story of how it all started goes way back.
It was in the year 1998, that a beloved social activist, entrepreneur and a progressive farmer by profession, Mr. Taraman Chettri initiated a social reform. Here, he prioritized the idea of creating a chain of poultry farming within the state of Sikkim. His vision was to curb the influx of poultry chicken into Sikkim from other states; this was still is because the poultry chicken from outside the state is deemed as unhealthy and adulterated in some form or the other.
His aim was not to earn money and create a business out of the new chain he was creating, rather empower his society and make people around him realize how they could make a living out of small things in life and how they could be self-sufficient.
It has been 22 years to this day that the idea of Sikkim Farms was born, but the execution of the idea had been kept on hold due to some unfortunate events and circumstances.
A co-operative society led by Mr. Taraman Chettri was created, in order to regulate the supply chain and was subsequently named as Sadam Turuk Payong Co-Operative society. This was a registered society and became fully functional from the year 2002.
In this span of time, the poultry chain in Sikkim grew to a substantial amount and size, but the vision of Mr. Taraman was now undergoing a diversion caused by the main stakeholders of the chain eventually changing hands from the farmers, to the vendors and suppliers in the market.
The co-operative faced scenarios, where there was excess production, this resulted in the selling of the produce at very low rates in the state of Sikkim as well as in the neighboring states.
Even when there was an ample supply, the vendors took illicit advantage of the situation and paid low prices to the farmers as the farmers were compelled to sell their produce at lower rates or face devastation of the produce they reared from so many months. This scenario incurred serious losses to the farmers.
The situation also reflects the present day scenario that all the farmers face in our nation, wherein the middlemen make profits and the farmers suffer.
The poultry farmers are still living under their monopoly and harsh business practices which have been unethical and solely beneficial to the vendors only.
But now, Sikkim Farms led by Mr. Rewaj Chettri has taken a mission to revolutionize the existing practices in the market and to give back the farmers what is rightfully theirs. The incomplete vision of his father has become his personal mission and the right time for the execution of the idea is finally here.
In collaboration with the same co-operative that was led by his father, Mr. Rewaj has designed a system to make a market for the farmers, where they themselves are the suppliers, transporters and the sellers as well. This is to make them the main stakeholders once again.
In this way, the farmer’s market that has been taken away from them is being handed back to them by filtering out all the middlemen and vendors who were taking advantage of the scenario of the unbalanced supply and demand existing in the market.
We know the importance of our farmers and their importance to the state and now, our business model is a way to take a step towards helping our farmers attain fair prices for their hard work and dedication.
After all “there is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world and that is an idea whose time has come”.

Sikkim Farms

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